Design Opportunities is a visual communication and corporate consultancy company, which was founded by highly experienced professionals of both fields. The people of Design Opportunities, driven by our love for books and also our interest in infographics, seek to develop graphic design opportunities which will serve both business and entertaining purposes.




We are here, open to any discussion on your needs, willing to suggest solutions that combine art and functionality. Our final goal is a state-of-the-art outcome.

Book design-Design Opportunities

Book design

Designing a novel, a poetry collection, a children’s book or even a coffee-table book, a financial study or a business annual report, brinks us about a design challenge that we definitely want to take.

Infographics-Design Opportunities


The results of research and studies and also statistics or demographics are visualized in the form of graphics and are presented in print or digital.

Corporate solutions-Design Opportunities

Corporate solutions

Corporate solutions include the preparation (study) and/or the graphic design of presentations, monthly/ annual reports and other corporate files.

Brand identity-Design Opportunities

Brand identity

The brand identity is the first impression that someone gets about your company. The brand identity includes the logotype and any other element of visual communication.

Post production video-Design Opportunities

Post production video

A service that gives prominence to the special style of a company is the creation of a corporate video, which could be reached by a wide audience through social media promotion.

Web design-Design Opportunities

Web design

For a fast, modern, efficient and responsive website we always design following the new trends and guidelines.

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